About us

Åssiden Upper Secondary School is a vocational school in the county of Viken in the eastern part of Norway. We are situated in Drammen, a municipality with 100.000 inhabitants, which is about 40 kilometers west of Oslo.

Our school offers vocational studies to around 1350 students, in addition to courses for adults. We have approximately 250 employees. 
We offer seven of the twelve basic courses available whithin the Norwegian upper secondary school system:

Programme for Building and Construction

• Programme for Haridressing, Floral, Interior and Retail design

• Programme for Electricity and Electronics

• Programme for Health and Social Care

• Programme for Media and Communication

• Programme for Restaurant and Food Processing

• Programme for Technical and Industrial Production

We also offer supplementary studies qualifying for higher education as a third year of studies for vocational students.

Pedagogical foundation of Åssiden Upper Secondary School 

A tolerant environment

At Åssiden Upper Secondary School we have students speaking 37 different languages as their first language. We aim to create a friendly and tolerant environment. All students shall enjoy, exercise and develop their knowledge, talents and interests, irrespective of social and cultural background, abilities or gender. 
We encourage students to take an active part in decisions regarding school affairs. The student council plays a major part in the schools decision-making system. 

Learning close to working life

Our school is closely connected to the local working life. We cooperate extensively with both public and private institutions and companies relevant to our programs and courses. Apprenticeships and workplacement is a very important part of our training. To ensure this, we have several partnership agreements with public and private institutions and companies. 

Vocational training in Norway 
Most vocational courses lead to an occupational qualification which qualifies the students for a certain job or jobs. A two-year apprenticeship period usually follows after completion of the 1st and 2nd year courses (VG1 and VG2), both during which theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught. 
After a final craft examination taken on completion of an apprenticeship at a workplace or upper secondary school, the candidates are awarded a trade certificate (fagbrev), entitling them to seek employment within the trade or practice concerned. About 190 trades fall within the scope of the Vocational Training Act. 

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